Upbound announced CrossPlane today, a multi cloud, kubernetes solution to enable the provisioning and full-lifecycle management of services and infrastructure across a wide range of providers, offerings, vendors, regions, and clusters. It features:

  • Workload portability across clouds - Manage portable workloads (container, serverless, others) and the resources they consume (databases, message queues, buckets, data pipelines, and others) across clouds and on-premises environments.      
  • A strong separation of concerns - Developers can consume resources without worrying about the details of how they are provisioned and managed, and administrators or infrastructure-owners can tightly control the details of the implementation and define policies.
  • A workload scheduler - The scheduler factors in a number of criteria          including capabilities, availability, reliability, cost, and performance while deploying workloads and their resources.      
  • Full lifecycle management of resources - A set of resource controllers are responsible for the entire lifecycle of resources including provisioning, health, scaling, failover, and actively responding to external changes that deviate from the desired configuration.
  • High level of extensibility - Crossplane leverages tried and tested Kubernetes machinery to provide a high level of extensibility around APIs, resource controllers, schedulers, and other components. This empowers the open source community to build on-top of it easily.